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Hello and welcome to my new challenge! I'd really like to try to do a Boolprop Baby Boomer challenge in each of the three games. I'm starting out today with one in The Sims 3. I chose The Sims 3 for the fact that I pretty much never play in it. I never really liked several of the features and when I got a computer that could actually run it, I had more interest in The Sims 2 or The Sims 4.

BUT, I'm going to be doing it in The Sims 3 first. Let's see where this goes.

Anyways, let's begin!

Screenshot 6

Meet our happily married couple! They're going to be producing a bunch of children. This is the Willinghams

Screenshot 7

This is Aron. He's Over-Emotional, a Great Kisser, Hopeless Romantic, Natural Cook, and Good! His first LTW is simply to top the medical career.

One of the things I dislike about The Sims 3 is that you can only do one LTW per sim and then it's done. I did find a way to change it after wards, and I think, due to the fact that you can complete multiples in other games, is only fair to do here.

Screenshot 8

And this is Levar Willingham. He's Neat, Rebellious, Family-Oriented, Nuturing and Artistic. He wants to max out his Painting and Music.

Screenshot 10

This is the house they want to live in. Too bad they're broke. You can basically see the entirety of the house right here; there's a bed behind the easel and a fridge beside the Shower just out of frame.

Screenshot 9

So, because we're in Lucky Palms, the only neighbourhood I ever bought, I decided to let each sim have 3 wishes on the wishing well. Aron used all 3 of his on Money and we wound up with about $500.

Which is definitely more than enough to keep going.

Screenshot 12

I actually really enjoy the Social Media skill the most when playing The Sims 3. It's amusing to play with it and mess around and have a good time. Blogs are also fun.

Screenshot 11

Also this is where I learned that I needed the additional Woohooer mod in order to get same sex pregnancy. Whoops.


Screenshot 13

Why they aren't trying for baby yet;

Because they can't even afford a Chess Table.

And have to use the one near the bookstore, half way across town.

Screenshot 14

Also, it's way too hot out, so Levar needs to run to the fire station to do some light reading.

Screenshot 16

I enjoy the painting skill in almost every Sims game, but I particularly enjoy it here. It's a good money maker, especially when careers don't make a ton of money at the beginning of the game and we need to figure out how to make that up.

Levar needs a nap, but he also needs to paint more and stop being a baby.

Screenshot 17
Screenshot 18

Also something I didn't know could happen; Sims in the Medical Career can offer to check up on sims. This girl was sick nearby, and Aron did a check-up on her and she felt better! Phew.

Screenshot 20

And then, probably due to that, he got himself sick, so he needed a flu shot really quick.


Don't worry about Levar! He's been doing so well in his painting job, he got an opportunity to sell his stuff to the business building.

Screenshot 3

And this is what he got from it. After some promotions, and selling of some painting, they're finally able to afford a nice house. And the most expensive bed. I think that's one of the most important things you can have in this challenge if you aren't using supernatural sims. There's going to be so many kids and they all need to be watched.

Screenshot 4

And... well, since they finally do have a house...

Screenshot 21

Guess I need to keep my promise!

Screenshot 22

Because I play while listening to music or watching youtube, I can't tell when someone's pregnant until they actually start showing. Or, fortunately for me, doing something like this.

Thanks Levar!

Screenshot 23

Also, Levar is getting even more opportunities! As he became handy, he was able to fix this man's TV and get some cash for it. And we're always thankful for extra cash.

Screenshot 25

Yup, the first signs of pregnancy! I didn't take more pictures, because I was working on trying to get a bunch of Levar's wishes done before hand. And make it a bit easier to get more money.

Screenshot 26

The first Masterpiece! It sold for so much money, and I'm so thankful for that.

Screenshot 27

Maxing the Painting Skill - 10 points!

Screenshot 28

And 6 brilliant paintings done; So we have the proficient painter challenge finished. That'll make everything easier. We're also a single painting away from Brushmaster.

Screenshot 29

And just in time! It's time to give birth to our first child!

Screenshot 30

I'll be doing the mini-challenge: Not The Bs! So this is Barry. He is Disciplined and Loves the Outdoors. I didn't find a rule for how to select personality traits, so I just decided to go with a randomizer. I prefer it this way because I'm super boring when I pick traits.

As shown above.

Screenshot 31

And we leave the challenge so far on this updated house!

So far, we currently have 10 points, but let's see where things go.

I hope to, shortly, be starting The Sims 4 version of this challenge. I have a few sims in mind for that one and I'm kind of eager.

Thanks for reading!



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